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Pharmacy Friday Perals

What is Pharmacy Friday Pearls

Pharmacy Friday Pearls were created to provide brief educational content to the busy emergency medicine healthcare provider including EMS, nursing, mid-level providers, medical residents, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and all other members of the acute care team. Due to the nontraditional working hours and busy nature of the ED, many healthcare members do not have extended periods of time to attend lectures and seminars. The hope is that Pharmacy Friday Pearls provide the opportunity to engage in intellectual conversations to promote the practice of patient-centered and evidence based medicine.


To provide a brief overview of key topics in emergency medicine and critical care patient population in an efficient manner for the busy healthcare professionals. These topics are not made to be all inclusive and do not take the place of clinical judgement, guidelines, or other medians of evidence-based medicine.

"One of the things we do as pharmacists is take the clinical literature from brain to the patient's vein."

- Jimmy Pruitt
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This site is not meant to replace the judgement of healthcare professionals, and the information presented on this site does not represent the views or practices of the institution or professional organizations of the author. This information is not meant to be all inclusive nor medical advice, and individuals should seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional for personal medical advice.

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